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About Us

Our Philosophy

People need to get connected. In the past, we get connected with the pigeons, get connected with the letters, the phones. Right now we have TV, and what’s more – that’s the internet. We are now surrounded by tonnes of information, besides you, on your smartphones. It seems to be more easy to get connected, but it is also more difficult to get attention.

We believe everything gets from the basic before you step forwards, just like a wine is from the earth, going through a Wine Press before we can enjoy, this is how people get connected to the earth. So we are the one to get people connected like a winepress, so we take the name W Press.

Nowadays, we have hundreds, thousands fold of more brands, more company here. So in order to get efficient to connect to people you wanted, you need a partner that understand your need, and your clients’ needs. We are not just providing more ways to get you connected, but also the right ways to connected.

With a energetic and dynamic young team of marketers, we believe we can provide adequate services which meet you needs and target. From marketing plans to public relationship, brand building strategies, media coverage and event management , we could provide the best service and plans so that you can focus on your products, your services and competitiveness.

Our Vision

Our company was born in this new era of internet. Therefore, besides the convnetional tools for PR, Marketing, we are also utilizing new ways and tools to archive your goal like social media, interactive content. Multi-dimensional strategy of marketing, PR will bring you to the next level of business.